About us

witec GmbH is a world-wide operating family business, well-established and with profound experiences and know-how in the cutting industry. The company is located in the Rhein-Main area, South of Frankfurt.

witec GmbH provides and guarantees the best product quality, optimal service, tailor made technical support and customer solutions based on our experience and well balanced product range.

Since our foundation in 1993 we are continuously involved in the development and production of special cutting tools for the industry and handcrafts users. Our product range encompasses DIN-standardized and special designs for cutting materials such as HSS(M3), HSS-Co5%(M35), -Co8%(M42), powder metal and solid carbide. Solid carbide cutting tools labled "Made in Germany" are produced and deployed by our production department in Germany. Due to our large product stock we are able to deliver within a short period of time following client orders. Special design tools will be available for delivery within 2-3 weeks from order date.

witec Company Philosophy

witec provides innovative and high-performance technology targeting high level efficiency of our cutting tools.

Multi grade or multi-purpose cutting tools for the combine processing represent our main focus.
Nowadays, users are confronted with time and cost pressures more than ever. A requirement for changeover of machines represents an unavoidable and expensive challenge in production which we have addressed on behalf of our clients. Use of multi grade cutting tools helps controlling substantial unnecessary costs and reducing the need for storage of cutting tools to a minimum. Such a cost reduction has a positive impact on our clients' balance sheets.

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